4 Tech Trends That will shape Agriculture in 2019

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Big data – the industry is increasingly using data analytics to improve operational efficiency and yield prediction. 


Farmers are now able to implement complex systems that assist them with equipment management. This is also combined with data on weather

patterns, soil conditions as well as crops to be planted, to develop a formula to determine the best time and place to plant andst. harve

Big data is also useful for forecasting demand for crops, the yield on crops, as well as potential land size and usage of land. 

• Drip irrigation – given the recent drought conditions which cost South African farmers billions of Rands in losses, there’s a lot of investment in the development of advanced drip irrigation technology, which allows farmers to limit wastage by efficiently delivering the exact amount of water to the soil, needed by their crops to grow.

• Vertical farming – this modern form of farming used to produce food in a smaller controlled environment through vertically stacked layers to save on water and fertilizer – is no longer just a ‘buzz word’, but reality. A number of farmers in South Africa are already successfully using this technology as part of their farming practices.

• Mobile apps – smartphones are no longer just used for multimedia purposes.